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Funding 100% dedicated to hardware startups

Comate Ventures is a pre-seed fund with a 100% focus on hardware startups. With this fund, we want to leverage brilliant early-stage ideas to become the next big thing.

With Comate Ventures, we want to boost the success of European Hardware innovations

— Wouter Foulon, founder Comate

Hardware is hard

Hardware start-ups are often the most beautiful companies out there. But it's a tough sector. There are a number of elements in the R&D process of hardware companies that you have to think about.

One of the stumble blocks is funding, especially in the beginning of the development. If you develop hardware, you will need more money than a software company. You have to invest in machinery, parts and different types of expertise. You have to find a partner that understands how hardware development works. A partner that understands your journey.

At Comate Services, we work with hardware start-ups every day. We know how difficult it is. We know the importance of taking time to research different options and to make the right choices during the R&D cycles. With Comate Ventures, we want to support early-stage hardware start-ups to successfully develop their innovative idea and support them during the development process. We offer supportive capital that puts quality before speed.


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We offer supportive capital for Hardware Startups that puts quality before speed.

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