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Comate Ventures is a pre-seed fund 100% dedicated to Hardware startups. We’ve been active in Hardware for more than 10 years and brought to market dozens of pioneering Hardware products. With this fund we want to leverage the brilliant early-stage ideas to become the next big thing, changing the world as we know today.

Our mission

Entrepreneurs with fantastic ideas often struggle with finding funding for the development of their idea, which makes starting a business often hard. With Comate Ventures, we can offer them a jump based on our expertise to support the journey from idea to product ready for the market. Together with Marc Coucke and Alychlo, we at Comate want to boost the success of high-tech innovation and hardware entrepreneurs in Europe.

With this pre-seed fund, we invest in early-stage hardware companies to support them during their development process. During R&D cycles, it is important to take time to research different options and to make the right choices. Comate Ventures offers supportive capital that puts quality before speed.

Who can apply

If you have a ground-breaking idea for an innovative, high-tech hardware device and want to start a business around it, you can apply to join Comate Ventures. Hardware devices are mechanical and/or electronical products. It is not required to have a proof of concept or first prototype, but a small overview of market research or your views on a possible business model is recommended so we know you're commited to this project.

Once you apply, you'll get a meeting with one of our colleagues to dive deeper into your idea, after an NDA is signed.

Apply now

Apply now to receive financial support from Comate Ventures, 100% dedicated to Hardware startups.