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Alychlo teams up with product engineering & design company

4 June 2021

Investment company Alychlo NV, owned by entrepreneur Marc Coucke, is taking a significant stake in the successful product engineering and design company Comate based in Leuven. Through the contribution, expertise and network of Alychlo, Comate can grow even faster into a full-service company that converts product ideas from various sectors into successful marketable products and devices at the European level.

Over the past 10 years, Comate has already been one of the driving forces behind several Belgian high-tech success stories such as MiDiagnostics, Mealhero, Bakala and Ngrave, among others. "Many of our customers have a dream about the life of tomorrow, but they need technical expertise and design skills to transform their ideas into a real product. With the arrival of Alychlo, we can give the European innovation potential an even stronger business boost," believe Wouter Foulon & Sander Van den dries of Comate.

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